the dirt farm surf and skate

home of the old skateboard and old surfboard. the cleanest place on earth.
the sound off room is now the dirt farm news page
dirt history
Jack O'Neill is a dirt farm surfer!   ·   old surfboard fins   ·   the dirt farm classic 1999   ·   rhyn noll skates   ·   jack o'neill heat  2002   ·   saying goodbye   ·   jay moriarity goes big   ·   old skateboards   ·   dirt farm invitational 2001   ·   ano heffe   ·   another paddle for loved ones   ·   dfsc invite winners 2004
the dirt farm invite 1999
read a surf story about old surfboards  "destiny"  "dirt farm heaven"   "know fear"  "kona surf story

old style,
old school,
old friends,
old surfboards.
reddome photo